An audio tour by Inger Wold Lund.

Additional sounds were created and mixed by Claire Tolan.


On the bottom of this page you find a link to an mp3-file containing the audio tour Riding so slowly it hurts. The file is intended to be listened to on the S 41 / S 42 trains that circle the city of Berlin. To best enjoy the audio tour, make sure you download the file to your smartphone or other personal device before you enter the train. Trains are loud, and so using headphones larger than earbuds is encouraged, though not necessary. Streaming is not recommended. You can enter the train at any stop on the line. If you do not have a monthly pass, remember to buy a ticket before entering. When entering the train, find a seat and plug in your earphones. Press play.

The total duration of the tour is 1 hour. This is the approximate time it takes for the train to circle the city and return to the station where you entered it.

The tour has adult content and it is intended to be listened to in the public realm. If you are underage, please refrain from listening. When in the public realm, always remember to respect the privacy of other people.

Riding so slowly it hurts

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